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New Public Poll in New Jersey Shows Gov. Phil Murphy with Commanding Lead Over Ciattarelli

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A new Monmouth poll in the New Jersey governor’s race gives Gov. Phil Murphy a double-digit lead over Jack Ciattarelli. The poll shows Gov. Murphy ahead of Ciattarelli by 16 points, with 52% of voters supporting Gov. Murphy, compared to only 36% of voters backing Ciattarelli. Gov. Murphy has solid support with Democratic voters as well as with independent voters, with whom he leads Ciattarelli 44% to 38%.

Gov. Murphy also leads on the issues New Jersey voters care most about. While Ciattarelli remains stuck pushing a far-right agenda that includes restricting reproductive freedom, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and opposing New Jersey’s LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in schools, the poll finds “the issue picture right now is very favorable for Murphy.”

In the top issue of the race, the pandemic, Gov. Murphy has a “clear advantage,” with 46% of voters trusting him to handle the pandemic, compared to just 21% trusting Ciattarelli. Voters also trust Gov. Murphy over Ciattarelli when it comes to jobs and the economy.

“With a far-right, out-of-touch campaign stuck in the lies of Donald Trump, it’s no surprise Jack Ciattarelli still isn’t resonating with voters,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Gov. Murphy, on the other hand, continues to receive overwhelming support from New Jerseyans. It’s abundantly clear that working families trust Gov. Murphy to deliver on the issues that matter, from building a strong economy, to keeping people safe during the pandemic.”