New Polling Shows Tight Race for Illinois GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

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After months of dodging questions and ducking on-air attacks from opponents, Richard Irvin’s “well-funded exercise in pure projection” appears to be flailing.

New public polling from WGN shows an increasingly tight race between Irvin and top contender Darren Bailey for the Illinois GOP gubernatorial nomination. Irvin’s duck and dodge strategy has voters questioning his record, while Bailey’s full-frontal embrace of Donald Trump has solidified him as the most conservative in the race.

After a disastrous press conference earlier this week, it’s clear voters don’t want just another dishonest Rauner-wannabe in office.

“This new polling makes one thing crystal clear: voters are getting tired of Irvin’s refusal to take a stand. His numbers have slipped, and the race is closer than ever,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Over the next two months, voters will watch as Richard Irvin — a pawn for GOP megadonor Ken Griffin — and far-right extremist Darren Bailey battle for the nomination. No matter which candidate clinches it, voters know the truth: Gov. JB Pritzker is the only proven leader for the state of Illinois.”