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New Polling Shows Charlie Baker Will Have Brutal Republican Primary If He Runs

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As Gov. Charlie Baker weighs whether to run for re-election, a new poll from Change Research found that he’s incredibly deep underwater with voters in his own party, with 68 percent of Republican general-election voters and leaners viewing him unfavorably, compared to just 23 percent favorable.

The bad news for Baker doesn’t stop there. The poll also found him below 40% in every general election two-way match up they tested, which is “usually bad news for an incumbent.” Furthermore, in a three way race, Baker’s percentage of the vote drops to just above 30% – despite his universal name ID.

The President of MassINC Polling Group Steve Koczela said: “It’s getting very hard to see Charlie Baker running again for #MAGov as a Republican.” 

Last week, a poll from UMass Amherst/WCVB also found Baker well below 40% in a head-to-head general election match up, while a previous poll found him getting crushed by over 20 points in a GOP primary against Trump-endorsed challenger Geoff Diehl.

“These new polling numbers show support for Charlie Baker is dwindling fast,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “If he runs for re-election, the primary will be dominated by right-wing litmus tests and brutal infighting that will make it even more likely there’s a new Democratic governor. But perhaps Baker summed up his dillema best when even he admitted his reelection is a ‘very complicated issue.’”