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New poll: the race for Governor remains in dead heat

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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The race for governor remains a statistical dead heat between Republican Gov. Paul LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud..
This is all according to a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll commissioned by the Portland Press Herald and the Maine Sunday Telegram. 527 likely voters were surveyed by phone between June 12 and 18.
The poll reports Michaud has a four point margin over LePage, leading the governor 40 percent to 36 percent. Cutler lags in third place, with 15 percent of respondents saying they’d vote for him if the election were held *today. Another 7 percent said they were undecided. Michaud’s lead is within the 4.3 percent margin of error.
However, 48 percent of the voters surveyed still aren’t completely sure about their choice. The survey found that it was likely that many voters will be watching to see whether independent candidate Eliot Cutler or Michaud has the better chance to beat LePage in November.
Several respondents indicated they would watch the polls this fall and vote strategically. LePage’s base of support appears to be solid, leaving him in a good position should Michaud falter.
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