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New Poll: Support for Hogan Takes a Dive

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Hogan Suffers 15 Point Negative Swing in Matchup Against Generic Dem

Today, a new Goucher College poll shows Governor Larry Hogan is growing more and more vulnerable in Maryland. Hogan’s shaky economic record and his refusal to stand up to the Trump administration on a variety of issues is sewing serious doubts in the minds of Maryland voters.
When compared to previous polls from Goucher College, it’s clear Hogan’s reelection chances are in real trouble:

  • Over the last year, Hogan’s approval rating has fallen eight points.
  • Just since February, his race against a generic Democrat has tightened by 15 points.
  • The number of voters who think the state is on the right track is down 10 points, while the wrong track number is up 12.

For more and more Maryland voters, the Hogan administration has simply failed to deliver results. Hogan vetoed paid sick leave and has repeatedly tried to slash education funding. This all combined with his failure to stand up to Trump’s harmful agenda, the falling poll numbers make a lot of sense. 
“Larry Hogan is plummeting in the polls and his chances at reelection are getting worse and worse,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Maryland voters are fed up with the state’s lagging economy and poor leadership, and they know Governor Hogan is to blame. Hogan is already in serious trouble, and this poll shows voters are ready to hold him accountable in 2018.”