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New Poll Spells “Significant Warning Signs” for Mike DeWine

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DeWine gets crushed in head-to-head – 25-55% – against a Trump-endorsed candidate 

A new poll released today shows that Mike DeWine is vulnerable in his competitive Republican primary, with a memo from Public Policy Polling concluding there are “significant warning signs.”

The poll finds that DeWine’s approval and favorability are both underwater with Republican primary voters. And while he holds a slim, 5-point lead (38-33%) against primary challenger Jim Renacci in a head-to-head matchup, DeWine is deeply underwater in favorability by 26 points (19-45) among the 29% of voters who remain unsure who to vote for.

However, Trump looms as a large factor that could derail DeWine’s re-election. When voters are asked if they’d prefer DeWine or a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump, DeWine’s support sinks, as he gets crushed in a 25-55% match-up.

Even if DeWine wins the Republican primary, the poll found that “44% of voters say they would prefer a conservative-leaning independent candidate in a hypothetical general election,” showing how his primary problems would spill over into a general election.

“Miserable approval ratings — even among Republicans — and intensifying primary attacks are causing significant warning signs for Mike DeWine,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “No matter which way you look at it, Ohioans are unhappy with the job he’s done as governor. Even if DeWine manages to fend off the rebellion his own party has launched against him, he’ll still be stuck with a deeply divided party and terrible approval ratings that come as a direct result of his corrupt, failed leadership.”