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New Poll Shows Trump & Snyder’s Deep Unpopularity Will Weigh Down GOP in Michigan’s Race for Governor

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Trump and Snyder’s approval both under 40% in Michigan, with Trump at 37-60% and Snyder at 39-58%

A new EPIC MRA statewide poll in Michigan is detailing how Donald Trump’s unpopularity and nearly a decade of failure from Rick Snyder are joining to create a brutal environment for Republicans running for governor in Michigan.
The poll shows that Donald Trump’s job approval in Michigan is just 37% with 60% disapproving, while Governor Rick Snyder’s popularity is also deep underwater, with a 39% approval and 58% disapproval.
Among Rick Snyder’s failures, the State’s crumbling infrastructure recently received a D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers, while a new report says Michigan’s schools are declining. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Donald Trump’s expensive tax plan is only benefiting “the richest 10 percent of American households,” who are reaping the rewards as big corporations and banks use their new profits to buyback stocksand help shareholders.
“Whether it’s improving roads, schools or wages — working families in Michigan clearly want to elect a new governor who will bring change from Rick Snyder’s failures and stand up to bad Washington policies when they harm Michigan,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “No matter who Republicans select as their nominee for governor in Michigan — the failures of Donald Trump and Rick Snyder are both going to be anchors weighing them down.”