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New Poll Shows Nicole Galloway Has Closed the Gap with Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

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SLU/YouGov Poll Has Missouri Gov Race In A Statistical Tie

A Saint Louis University/YouGov poll released today shows Missouri Democratic candidate Nicole Galloway in a statistical tie with GOP Gov. Mike Parson – another sign that the race is tightening.

Over the past few months, Galloway has nearly eliminated Parson’s early lead. Both the Cook Political Report and U.S. News & World Report downgraded the GOP advantage in the race and ranked it as more competitive. And in spite of holding no in-person fundraisers, Galloway closed out Q2 with over $1 million raised, the largest amount raised by a candidate committee in Missouri in a single quarterly reporting period since the reintroduction of contribution limits in 2017.

Meanwhile, Parson is receiving vast amounts of criticism for his poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Missouri, where health officials are seeing “worrisome trends”. Multiple national polls show Missourians disapprove of Parson’s pandemic response – Parson’s approval rating was ranked 48th out of 50 governors in a SurveyMonkey poll and 49th in a Microsoft News poll.

“This poll is another sign that Nicole Galloway has made this race very competitive,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Missourians are losing respect for Parson and looking for new leadership as he continues to buck responsibility for the pandemic and rail against health care expansion. Nicole Galloway will fight for Missourians and put public health above partisanship.”