New Poll Shows Mike DeWine Trailing Jim Renacci in GOP Primary

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Mike DeWine’s reelection odds are looking slimmer and slimmer with yet another poll showing him losing to GOP primary challenger and failed-Senate candidate Jim Renacci. The new poll shows Renacci in the lead, beating DeWine 46-38.

The poll also shows Dewine underwater with GOP primary voters, with 52% viewing him unfavorably, including 33% who have a very unfavorable view on the incumbent governor.

This comes as a new report from Politico outlines the “intra-party rebellion” DeWine is battling and how “relations with his own changing party have been challenging at times.”

With months to go until the election, the GOP primary is getting more chaotic and more expensive every day. Renacci just announced he gave another $4 million of his own money to his campaign. Meanwhile, super PACs backing DeWine know he’s deeply vulnerable and have been forced to spend hundreds and thousands into the race on early ads.

It’s not just DeWine who’s under attack: incumbent GOP governors in 11 out of 15 states are facing primary challengers, leaving the RGA in disarray as it desperately tries to fulfill its promise to “support its incumbents.” In Mike DeWine’s case, however, they might be backing a losing horse.

“Mike DeWine is looking more and more like a losing candidate every day,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “With months to go until the primary, he’ll have to spend every day until then hemorrhaging time and money just to fend off a challenger from his own party. Even if he does make it to the general without being totally bled dry, DeWine will have to answer to Ohioans for his failed leadership and corruption.”