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New Poll Shows Gov. Beshear’s Approval on the Rise

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A new poll from Mason-Dixon today shows Gov. Andy Beshear’s approval with Kentuckians across party lines is on the rise. The new Mason-Dixon poll shows 61% of all voters approve of Gov. Beshear’s leadership — a bump from this time last year.

In addition to his strong overall approval, the poll found over 50% of Independent voters in Kentucky approve of the job Gov. Beshear is doing in office.

This is just the latest validator of Gov. Beshear’s consistent popularity with voters in the Commonwealth. Earlier this month, a Morning Consult poll showed Gov. Beshear’s strong support with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, making him one of America’s most popular governors.

The new poll also showed Gov. Beshear leading every potential Republican opponent by at least 9 points.

“Poll after poll shows Gov. Beshear has earned the trust of Kentuckians from all parties and it’s no surprise why,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “He’s put politics aside to do right by Kentucky families, led the Commonwealth through crises, and delivered where it counts.”