New Poll Shows Gov. Andy Beshear Has 62% Job Approval, With Strong Support Across Party Lines

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A new poll shows that Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is popular and has strong support across party lines, with a job rating of 62% approve and 36% disapprove.

That includes a positive job rating of 95% with Democrats, 60% with Independents and an impressive 40% with Republicans. In fact, 42% percent of Trump voters also say they approve of Gov. Beshear’s performance. His 62% approval rating is slightly higher than his 60% mark in a May 2022 survey.

The findings come from a survey conducted by Garin-Hart-Yang among 601 likely voters in Kentucky between September 12-15. The survey’s margin of error is +4.1%.

According to an analysis from Garin-Hart-Yang, Gov. Beshear’s high overall approval rating is two-fold:

  • First, Gov. Beshear elicits exceptionally high marks for his personal character, with 74% of Kentucky voters (including two-thirds of Republicans) saying he is a family man and a good role model for Kentucky.
  • Second, he has majority approval on several of the key issues facing the commonwealth, including jobs (56%), business growth (56%), and a 53% majority approve of his handling of taxes.