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New Poll: Pence Favorability Underwater at 35%

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Hoosier voters disapprove of Pence after discrimination bill 


Mike Pence is in political free fall.

A new Howey Politics Indiana Poll shows the historic damage to Pence, saying that “an Indiana governor has never experienced this kind of survey decline in this short time frame.” 

Here are some key findings from the poll: 

  • Pence is viewed favorably by just 35% of Hoosiers
  • His job approval rating is underwater: 45% approve, 46% disapprove
  • 59% of Indiana voters say Pence’s religious freedom legislation was “not needed”
  • Just 6% of Hoosiers believe that the religious freedom legislation will have “a positive impact on Indiana’s economy” compared to 50% who think the law will have a “negative impact” on the economy

Check out the poll here and see what others are saying about the damage to Pence:

Tom LoBianco, Indianapolis Star @tomlobianco

Part of the problem for Pence is that he never had much in way of defining characteristics as gov … so when #RFRA happened, it stuck

Eric Bradner, CNN @ericbradner

Mike Pence is underwater: He’s got a 35/38 fav/unfav, 45/46 approval, and a real gay rights problem per @cmatthewspolls poll for @hwpol. 

Maureen Hayden, CNHI Newspapers @MaureenHayden

New Howey Politics polls shows @GovPenceIN damaged image ‘seriously polarized’ by ideology, gender & religiosity. 

Matt Butler, Howey Politics @MatthewESButler

@cmatthewspolls says #RFRA fallout for @GovPenceIN could be comparable to @ChrisChristie #BridgeGate scandal. Can rebound, but image hurt.

ABC Fort Wayne @21AliveNews

New polling data shows 6 in 10 Hoosiers thought RFRA was not needed, Pence suffers drop in approval rating.