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New Poll: MS-GOV Tightens as Brandon Presley Gains Momentum

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New Poll: MS-GOV Tightens as Brandon Presley Gains Momentum

A new poll shows Mississippi’s governor’s race within the margin of error as Brandon Presley continues to gain momentum.


Since December, Presley has cut Tate Reeves’ lead in half and boosted his own name ID by double-digits statewide. Meanwhile, the poll shows “voters remain sour toward Reeves,” whose approval rating is underwater by 43 points among undecided voters, and who voters by double-digits characterize as a “weak leader and typical politician who is out of touch with their values.”

“Tate Reeves has spent his term as governor putting himself first at every turn, and Mississippians are tired of getting ripped off,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Reeves’ failed leadership makes him more vulnerable by the day, Brandon Presley continues to pick up momentum because the more Mississippians learn about him, the more they know they can count on him to fight for them and make government work for them.”

The new poll is just the latest sign that Tate Reeves is in trouble. Last year, Morning Consult found Reeves to be one of the most unpopular governors in the country, and a POLITICO analysis earlier this year called him “unusually vulnerable for a red-state Republican” after he played a key role in the largest public corruption scandal in Mississippi history, mismanaged a crisis that left hundreds of thousands without clean, safe drinking water, and refused to expand Medicaid allegedly to protect his own political interests — a decision which could shutter as many as a quarter of the state’s rural hospitals in the coming years.