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New Poll in Final Stretch of NJ Gov. Race Shows Gov. Phil Murphy with Decisive, Double-Digit Lead Over Ciattarelli

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Monmouth: “Murphy is more trusted across a wider range of policy areas”

With under a week until Election Day, a new Monmouth poll shows New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy leading in the governor’s race by double digits. The poll shows Gov. Murphy beating Jack Ciattarelli by 11 points, 50% to 39%.

The poll also shows Gov. Murphy with a “clear edge” over Ciattarelli on policy priorities for New Jerseyans. Voters overwhelmingly trust Gov. Murphy over Ciattarelli to handle issues like education, (42% to 27%) and handling the pandemic, (45% to 26%).

Gov. Murphy has made historic investments in education, expanded universal pre-k, and launched tuition-free community colleges. On COVID, he’s led based on science since day one — putting aside divides to work together to keep New Jerseyeans safe and get shots in arms.

As the election draws closer, Gov. Murphy has maintained a solid lead in the race for governor, while Ciattarelli’s strategy of pushing a regressive, far-right agenda still hasn’t taken hold with New Jersey voters.

“Throughout his time as governor, Phil Murphy has consistently delivered for New Jerseyeans on the issues that matter, so his solid lead in the governor’s race should come as no surprise,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “This election has always been a choice between moving forward with Gov. Murphy or going back to the era of Chris Christie or Donald Trump. With the race for governor entering its final days, New Jersey voters continue to show that forward is the only option.”