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NEW POLL: Gov. Steve Sisolak Dominates Nevada Gubernatorial Field

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“Unsure” Leading the GOP Primary

A new Nevada Independent/OH Predictive Insights poll shows Gov. Steve Sisolak leads the Nevada gubernatorial field — besting Joe Lombardo by 4.4 points and Dean Heller by nearly 9 points.

Gov. Sisolak also received positive marks for his handling of the pandemic. The majority of respondents expressed support for Nevada’s COVID-19 policies under his administration.

“When it comes to Sisolak’s favorability numbers, right now he’s in a good spot, and he’s handling things the right way,” said OH Predictive Insights chief of research Mike Noble. “He’s getting a good pass from voters on something that has been very politically polarized.”

Lombardo, who the poll showed as leading the crowded GOP primary, did not even get 30% of the vote. With the bulk of voters, 36%, still undecided, Noble said there is room for a lot of movement. A straw poll taken at the first GOP primary debate found the field is still wide open, setting up a brutal race to earn far-right support.

Lombardo has become a punching bag for his Republican opponents as they jockey to earn the support of Donald Trump and his extremist base.

“Gov. Steve Sisolak has proven to Nevadans that he can navigate a public health crisis while growing the economy and putting the needs of families first,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “While the Republican candidates scramble to out-Trump each other, Gov. Sisolak is focused on the kitchen-table issues that matter to everyday working Nevadans.”