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NEW POLL: Gov. Andy Beshear’s Approval Rating Booms Following Historic Investments in the Economy and Education

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A new poll from Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy shows Gov. Andy Beshear’s job performance rating has boomed to 60% approval in the past year — a 5% increase from a Mason-Dixon poll conducted in February 2021.

In the last year, Gov. Beshear secured the largest economic development project in the Commonwealth’s history with Ford Motor Co. and SK Innovation, which will build two electric battery plants to power electric vehicles and establish Kentucky as a leader in manufacturing.

And earlier this month, Gov. Beshear introduced a state budget proposal that spends $2 billion on pre-K-12 education, the single largest education investment in Kentucky history.

“Gov. Andy Beshear’s approval rating is on the rise because Kentuckians can see firsthand how he’s put politics aside to deliver for families in every corner of the Commonwealth,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Gov. Beshear’s leadership has led to record economic growth, billions in new investments, thousands of new jobs, and ensuring every kid has access to a world-class education.