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NEW POLL: GOP in Trouble in FL-GOV

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Generic Dem Leads Generic Republican By 6

A new poll shows Florida Republicans are in real trouble heading into the 2018 gubernatorial race. SEA Polling & Strategic Design conducted a poll that shows a generic Democrat leading a generic Republican by six points.

Some important findings:

  • Independents preferred a Democrat by a 5 point margin.
  • Women chose Democrats by a 15 point margin.
  • Latino voters preferred a Democrat by a 16 point margin.

As pollster Thomas Eldon said, this is a particularly good news for Democrats, who normally are at a disadvantage in midterms:

“Despite a conservative midterm model giving Republicans a plus-two turnout advantage (41 percent Republican/39 percent Democrat/20 percent no party affiliation), the results favored the Democrat by six with peak intensity separation also at six.”

Democrats are in a great position to win the governor’s race next year,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Rick Scott’s disastrous policies have hurt Florida long enough. Florida voters clearly want to take the state in a new direction, and the strong field of Democrats are prepared to do just that.”