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NEW POLL: Beshear Up By 9 Points Against Bevin

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Poll comes as Bevin feuds with teachers, his hand-picked lieutenant governor, and GOP primary opponent in the past week

A new poll from Clarity Campaign Labs on behalf of the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) shows Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andy Beshear with a 48-39 lead against Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin.
According to Clarity Campaign Labs, Bevin’s net favorability sits at -15 percent. In May, Bevin had a historically poor performance in his party’s primary as a sitting incumbent, with 48 percent of Republicans choosing another candidate in the party’s primary.
Bevin’s failed to recover since the primary—feuding with teachers and his hand-picked lieutenant governor this week. It’s been 93 days since the Republican gubernatorial primary yet Bevin decided to reignite his feud with his primary opponent Robert Goforth today.
With all this intraparty fighting, it’s no wonder Bevin’s numbers are underwater.
For the full poll results, click here.