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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Bests Trump By 51 Points For Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

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Majority Institute/Public Policy Polling Shows 62% Approve of Lujan Grisham’s Leadership, Only 40% Approve of Trump

The Majority Institute/Public Policy Polling released a new poll that shows 62% of voters approve of New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic – just 40% of voters approve of President Trump’s handling. Gov. Lujan Grisham has a net approval rating of +36, compared to the President’s -15, a difference of 51 points.
The overwhelming support for Gov. Lujan Grisham’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic is likely a result of her tireless efforts to ramp up testing in the state and to advocate for vulnerable populations and frontline health care workers. The former New Mexico secretary of health created a testing regime that was at one time only bested by the three hardest-hit states and to this day, still remains in the top ten states per capita. The testing capacity has allowed Gov. Lujan Grisham to closely track the virus and make decisions that are flattening the curve in her state.
Gov. Lujan Grisham has also advocated for protections for high risk populations – including tribal communities. She warned President Trump directly that the virus could “wipe out” some tribal nations, getting him to agree to build an army hospital in Albuquerque
“Gov. Lujan Grisham’s fast, decisive leadership during the pandemic has been impressive and has likely saved lives,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “New Mexico’s campaign to ramp up testing early in the pandemic allowed the governor to make an informed choice to implement aggressive social distancing measures. Gov. Lujan Grisham’s decisions based on fact and science clearly beat President Trump’s tactics – dangerous conspiracy theories that include injecting bleach into your veins.”