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New LA-GOV Poll Shows Wide-Open GOP Brawl As Candidates Ramp Up Their Attacks

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New LA-GOV Poll Shows Wide-Open GOP Brawl As Candidates Ramp Up Their Attacks

new poll shows how Louisiana’s messy and expensive GOP brawl in the race for governor is much closer than previously reported, with no GOP candidate earning more than a quarter of the vote and businessman Stephen Waguespack gaining steadily on Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Per the new report, Landry has seen his support fall since March, from 30% to 25%, and more voters now have an unfavorable view of Landry than favorable. This comes as Landry has come under fire from his fellow Republicans for “ducking events where all of the candidates appear on the stage together.”

This intra-party brawl is only getting louder and uglier as super PACS backing Landry, Waguespack and the other Republican candidates have already spent over $3.8 million dollars on attack ads tearing each other apart with over three months still to go until election day — prompting fear among party leaders that they are repeating the “mistakes of the 2015 and 2019 governor’s races, where Republican infighting ultimately squandered [GOP] opportunities to win the Governor’s Mansion.”

“As Shawn Wilson continues to build momentum and consolidate support, Louisiana Republicans are stuck in a messy fight with no clear frontrunner,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “As Jeff Landry hides from his fellow Republicans, Stephen Waguespack gains steam, and the field continues to spend millions attacking one another, only one thing is certain: whichever candidate makes it through October will enter the general election deeply scarred from this nightmare primary that gets nastier by the day.”