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New Kelly Craft Ad Slams Daniel Cameron as Mitch McConnell Crony

New Kelly Craft Ad Slams Daniel Cameron as Mitch McConnell Crony 

Ahead of Daniel Cameron’s first debate appearance tonight, Kelly Craft’s campaign released a new ad tying him to Senator Mitch McConnell, claiming Cameron would “rather follow than lead.”


Craft’s attack isn’t unwarranted: Cameron is a longtime McConnell loyalist who has even said he couldn’t remember a time where he disagreed with Mitch McConnell in private or in public: “…we’re pretty aligned on most things in terms of our conservative views. I don’t have anything I’ve probably disagreed with him on.” Cameron has also said of McConnell, “When I first met him, I knew he was somebody I wanted to emulate.”

This is the latest in a series of attacks from the Craft campaign and her supporters, who have coined Cameron as a “soft,” “establishment teddy bear.” The two rivals are set to join their fellow candidates of this messy GOP primary for a debate tonight, where more mud is sure to be slung.

“As Daniel Cameron is finally coming out of hiding for a debate, it’s clear he can’t hide behind his hero Mitch McConnell forever,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Sam Newton. “The candidates in this messy primary have shown they are only interested in tearing each other down, dividing Kentuckians and pushing dangerous policies. Meanwhile, Governor Andy Beshear has remained laser-focused on bringing people together and delivering for the people of Kentucky.”