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New Jersey Transplant Gianforte’s Failure To Launch With Montana Republicans

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After defying the “deep concerns” of Montana Republicans and running for governor, Rep. Greg Gianforte is having even more problems with the party voters and activists.
Gianforte is struggling to gain the support of Montana Republican legislators—who are rushing to his opponents in droves. Gianforte promised Montana Republicans he would retain his Congressional seat—then “duped” them, and decided to run for governor.
The former mayor of Kalispell is not happy with Gianforte’s decision, writing, “By pursuing his latest personal interest, he [Gianforte] is virtually forfeiting the lone congressional seat to Democratic control. Thanks, Greg.” Last month, three prominent Montana Republicans wrote an op-ed saying it was “fair” to ask Gianforte to consider if he’s currently the best candidate for the job.
New Jersey transplant Greg Gianforte’s failure to launch with Montana Republicans shows we’re headed full-speed ahead towards a divisive Montana Republican primary. The consequences of a bitter primary battle could have devastating effects for the Republican who makes it to the general election.
“It’s understandable why Montana Republicans pleaded with Gianforte not to run for governor. He’s a New Jersey transplant who puts his personal ambition ahead of Montana,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Gianforte is already stumbling out of the gate in this primary—and the Republican primary battle only gets more divisive from here.”