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New Jersey Transplant Gianforte Avoids Montana Voters

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The first Montana Republican gubernatorial debate is scheduled in two weeks and everyone will be there—well, except for Rep. Greg Gianforte.
He’s been hiding from voters by hosting telephone town halls with screened phone calls. Gianforte prefers pre-arranged photo ops with selected audiences.
Gianforte has been avoiding Montanans for a long time. Gianforte can’t even respond to a basic question about Montana’s economy without hiding behind his spokesperson.
“Greg Gianforte is so scared of sharing his toxic agenda with voters he’s dodging the first GOP debate,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Gianforte may try running for the mountains but Montanans won’t forget he voted for a tax cut for millionaires like himself while raising taxes on essentials. Millionaire Gianforte may try to buy this election with his New Jersey money but he won’t fool Montanans.”