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New Jersey Republican Primary Already Becoming a Loyalty Contest to See Who Can Earn the Support of Failed President Donald Trump

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Last week, New Jersey Republican Party Chairman Doug Steinhardt entered the race for New Jersey governor, putting his support for Donald Trump at the forefront of his campaign. It’s clear Steinhardt’s strategy is to prove his loyalty to Trump above all else – he’s even hired Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien as a top strategist.

Steinhardt’s campaign announcement solidifies that the New Jersey Republican primary will be a race to the right – putting all three declared candidates far away from New Jerseyans’ values.

New Jersey Republicans will do anything to prove their loyalty to Trump – and that includes attempting to undermine our democratic elections. Steinhardt, Jack Ciattarelli, and Hirsh Singh have all refused to acknowledge President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, which was called “the most secure election in history” by the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security. Ciattarelli even went so far as to headline a “Stop the Steal” rally. The Electoral College is meeting today to cast their votes and make Biden’s win official – including in New Jersey, which voted for Biden 57% – 41%.

“Doug Steinhardt’s failed brand of divisive, dishonest politics and his anti-fact, anti-science beliefs are wrong for New Jersey,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “The New Jersey Republican primary is already proving to be a race to the right, with all three candidates embracing Donald Trump’s divisive brand of extremist politics. New Jerseyans already voted to reject Donald Trump’s politics at the ballot box this year, they’ll do it again in 2021.”