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New Emails Reveal Mike DeWine Ignored Concerns About Officers’ Expired Vests While Shopping for His Own

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DeWine’s Bulletproof Vest Scandal Expands, Raising Serious Questions about his Leadership as AG

Emails obtained by the Associated Press reveal Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) agents and supervisors pleaded with Attorney General Mike DeWine to provide them with new bulletproof vests that weren’t past their expiration date. More than half of BCI agents were forced to investigate crimes with subpar protection, despite numerous warnings from agents.
Agents were so desperate that one employee started submitting a monthly photograph of his vest to management to “create an e-mail paper trail that can be recovered by [a] spouse in case of any misfortune.”
All the while, DeWine was having himself fitted for his own, brand new, bulletproof vest.
This follows revelations that DeWine, the top law enforcement officer in Ohio, mistook the contents of a drug bust, and protected friends and allies from sexual harassment allegations.
“While agents were literally begging Mike DeWine for bulletproof vests to protect them in the line of duty, he was scheduled to be fit for a vest of his own,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “This is just another example of DeWine’s mismanagement as attorney general. As the state’s top cop, he put himself before his officers. How can Ohioans trust that he will put their families before his own interests? Ohio deserves a governor focused on putting Ohio families and workers first.”
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