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New DGA Website:

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New DGA Website:

 Website showcases Gov. McCrory’s record of raising 67 taxes in North Carolina

You name it? Pat Taxed That.

Today, the Democratic Governors Association launched a new website,, to help North Carolinians learn more about Governor Pat McCrory’s record of raising taxes on families across the state. 

McCrory has hiked taxes on North Carolina families from birth (newborn screenings) to death (tombstones) – and nearly everywhere in-between. Every time North Carolinians get their oil changed, or get a home repair, they pay more under McCrory’s jacked-up taxes.

McCrory’s Scorecard: 3.5 years in office. At least 67 tax increases. $400 million in sales tax increases. $1.2 billion in gas tax increases.

The website features an interactive function that helps showcase just how far McCrory’s boundless tax record goes:

  •  Screenings for newborn babies? Pat Taxed That.
  • Tombstones and funerals services? Pat Taxed That.
  • Car maintenance and repairs? Pat Taxed That.
  •  You name it? Pat Tax That.

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“Taxman Pat McCrory has literally taxed North Carolina from birth to death – and nearly everywhere in-between,” said DGA communications director Jared Leopold. “In the last three years alone, McCrory has pushed at least 67 tax hikes in the Tar Heel State. Worse yet, the burden of McCrory’s tax increases has fallen on the backs of middle-class families and small business owners. The hard working people of North Carolina shouldn’t have to bankroll McCrory’s reckless tax agenda.”