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NEW DGA Web Ad: "Walking Dead"

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Haley, Kasich, LePage, Cuccinelli, Scott, & Walker All Inextricably Linked To Toxic Tea Party Brand
WASHINGTON, DC—As the Republican Party sinks to all-time lows in public polling, the Democratic Governors Association today released a new web ad, “Walking Dead,” which illustrates how Republican governors and their party’s candidates are vulnerable to defeats across the country because of their close ties to a politically toxic Tea Party brand.
“Republican governors are desperately trying to separate themselves from the toxic brand that is today’s Republican Party,” said DGA Communications Director Danny Kanner. “But the truth is that they helped elect the Tea Party Republicans in Congress who have shut down the government, share their radical ideology, and are inextricably linked to their attacks on women, gay Americans, immigrants, and middle-class families.”
Republican governors were swept into office on the Tea Party wave of 2010, which they enthusiastically embraced – many in states that President Obama won twice. Unfortunately for them, the Tea Party has delivered on its promises, which has caused voters buyer’s remorse in states like Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Maine, and South Carolina, where Republican governors and their candidates are suffering from dangerously low reelect and approval numbers.
Watch the ad HERE.