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New DGA Web Ad: "Answers"

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Video Highlights Snyder’s Selective Memory In Detroit Bankruptcy 
WASHINGTON, DC—The Democratic Governors Association today released a new web ad, “Answers,” which highlights Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s selective memory in the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings. During a deposition regarding the bankruptcy, Snyder claimed that he “did not know” or “did not recall” the answers to questions more than 50 times. But when testifying in court this week, Snyder remembered quite clearly that he chose not to protect worker’s pensions before declaring bankruptcy.
The truth is that Rick Snyder has a selective memory – he just always manages to forget the middle class.
Watch the video HERE.

Associated Press: “Rick Snyder, Michigan Governor, Denies Knowing Donors For Secret NERD Fund.” Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said under oath that he does not know who contributed to a nonprofit fund that is covering housing and some other expenses for Detroit’s state-appointed emergency manager…AFSCME lawyer Sharon Levine wanted to know if Snyder knew if any consultants hired by Detroit or any city creditors had donated to the fund, or if any NERD contributors had given money for or against a ballot measure that repealed Michigan’s emergency manager law last November. [Associated Press, 10/10/13]
Snyder Testified That He Chose Not to Protect Pensions in Bankruptcy Filing. Michigan’s governor knew he had the power to make Detroit’s bankruptcy filing contingent on protecting pensions but chose not to exercise that power. That’s one of the admissions Gov. Rick Snyder made in federal court Monday as lawyers grilled him on why he authorized the bankruptcy filing — the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history — and whether he took any steps to make sure the pensions of city workers would not be hurt. [USA Today, 10/29/13]