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New DGA Video: ‘The Two Faces of Chris Sununu’

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New DGA Video: ‘The Two Faces of Chris Sununu’

 Video highlights Sununu’s blatantly political history on Planned Parenthood

Watch video here

Today, the Democratic Governors Association launched a new web video exposing New Hampshire GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu’s blatantly political flip-flop on Planned Parenthood funding.

The video, entitled “The Two Faces of Chris Sununu” compares statements made by Sununu after denying funding for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England in 2015, to his comments this week when he reversed his position in an election year. 

On August 10, 2015, Sununu told WMUR“Last Wednesday’s vote still did not result in any lost service of women’s health care in this state. That is a fact.”

Fast forward to 2016: “This contract is really about making sure that 12,000 women have access to funds,” Sununu said after this week’s vote.

Watch “The Two Faces of Chis Sununu,” here.

“Chris Sununu might want to erase his 2015 Planned Parenthood vote, but he can’t erase the videotape,” said DGA communications director Jared Leopold. “New Hampshire voters have learned that the only thing consistent about Chris Sununu’s positions is that he’ll always put Chris Sununu first. This brazen flip-flop shows that Sununu can’t be trusted to stand up for New Hampshire residents. New Hampshire voters deserve a governor who will always fight to protect women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, not just when it is politically convenient.”