New DGA Video: ‘Eric Holc-Ummm…’

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New DGA Video: ‘Eric Holc-Ummm…’

Painful video shows Pence’s replacement in Indiana stumbling to answer basic questions

Watch video here

Ummm…. it took Indiana GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb 67 days to announce one single policy position this week.

Now, it’s clear why Holcomb was so slow out of the gate on policy – because he is out of his league.

A new video released by the Democratic Governors Association today shows Holcomb – a career political hack – painfully stumbling over basic policy questions in an interview with the Indianapolis Star editorial board earlier this month. The new web video begs a simple question: is Eric Holcomb ready to be governor?

Watch the video, titled “Eric Holc-Ummm…” below and decide for yourself.

When faced with straightforward questions about what he would do as governor, Holcomb failed to offer any kind of plan to lead Indiana forward. Amidst his unclear answers about his priorities, one thing was clear: Eric Holcomb offers a lot of ummms, but not a lot of solutions.  

“Eric Holcomb is clearly more focused on advancing his own political career than developing solutions for Indiana,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Holcomb has no problem talking about himself, but when it comes to policies that impact Hoosier families, he can barely get a word out. It’s no wonder why it took Holcomb 67 days to announce his campaign’s sole policy proposal: Holcomb is a career political hack who offers no new solutions to restoring Indiana’s economy.”  

Here are some transcripts of responses Holcomb offered when questioned about his priorities:

Q: “You also have some focus on adult protective services, other vulnerable adults. Tell us more about your approach there and what your concerns are?”

Holcomb: Well it’s, it’s – again – another, um, kinda A to Z – whether it has to do with… um…. [pause]… um… I mean it’s everything.”

Q: [On universal Pre-k] “There are a couple of different end points here: Right now we have a pilot program in 5 counties that the governor has said needs to expand, that needs to grow. We’ve got your opponent wanting universal preschool in all 92 counties quickly. Where do you fall between those two points?”

Holcomb: If, if…  if schools… if, first and foremost, if the schools in Ohio County can handle it, or Switzerland Country or Marion County – for whatever reason, I’m not picking, I’m just, uh, I, I’ve talked to enough educators out there on the trail out there that say, ‘We’re not ready for that right now.’”

Q: “What are the 1, 2, and 3 issues that keep you up at night, as far as what you see as things that aren’t going well in Indiana?”

Holcomb: “The drug epidemic clearly is, um… Indiana is not alone in this fight… but I think we are going to have to challenge ourselves… um… to address not just the results but also the causes.”