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New DGA Video: Bud Pierce: ‘A Different Kind of Crisis’

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New DGA Video: Bud Pierce: ‘A Different Kind of Crisis’

 2 weeks later, Pierce campaign can’t recover from comments on domestic violence

Video shows GOP candidate still in free-fall

Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video recapping the two-week period that has sunk the campaign of Oregon GOP gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce.

The video documents how Pierce’s campaign has fallen apart over his comments on domestic violence on Sept. 30, and shows how his ineffective response did little to stop the damage.

When speaking about domestic violence during a debate with Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, Pierce suggested that well-off, educated women are “not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men.”

What followed was what Bud Pierce himself called a “crisis” for his gubernatorial campaign. Pierce’s comments resulted in the GOP candidate getting ripped by national medialambasted by women’s advocacy groups, and caused a top aide to quit his campaign.

The Salem Statesman Journal also named Pierce’s comments as a reason for their endorsement of Gov. Kate Brown:

This episode raised concerns about his political awareness, and it factored into the Statesman Journal Editorial Board’s decision to endorse Brown,” the editorial board wrote in their recommendation of Gov. Brown.

Watch the video titled “Bud Pierce: ‘A Different Kind of Crisis,’” here.

“Bud Pierce’s comments on domestic violence showed how unfit he is to serve in public office,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “And Pierce’s disappointing display of damage control and half-hearted apologies did nothing to solve the problem. Pierce joins the ranks of Republican candidates over the past years who tanked their campaign with offensive comments towards women. It’s a shame this kind of ignorant rhetoric has infected Oregon’s gubernatorial race.”