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New Ad Slams Cameron for Extreme Stance Opposing Exceptions

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New Ad Slams Cameron for Extreme Stance Opposing Exceptions

“If Daniel Cameron Had Gotten His Way, It Would Have Forced Us To Give Birth To Our Child With No Brain.”

Defending Bluegrass Values, a group backed by the DGA, released a new digital ad featuring the tragic story of a couple who discovered their baby suffered a serious birth defect that would leave the child without a brain if carried to term. The couple was forced to end the pregnancy – an option that they would not have under the current abortion ban – which Daniel Cameron supports and defended in court numerous times.

This extreme stance is in addition to Cameron’s opposition to exceptions for rape and incest, even in the case of a 9-year-old survivor.

The ad also slams Daniel Cameron for opposing proposed federal privacy protections of personal health care records, which opens up the door for investigations into and potential prosecutions of women for their personal medical decisions and doctors who provide care.

“Daniel Cameron wants to force women to give birth to babies with no chance of survival, prolonging the pain and suffering for Kentucky families already experiencing heartbreak,” said Emma O’Brien, DGA States Press Secretary. “Kentucky women and families should not live in fear that they will be punished for their tragedies. Daniel Cameron is too extreme to be Kentucky’s next governor.”

Watch the ad here or view a full transcript below:

“‘Anencephaly.’ The first time that I heard that term was at our 20-week ultrasound. 

The doctor told us that that meant our baby would be born without a brain.

We had to end the pregnancy. 

But, if Daniel Cameron had gotten his way, it would have forced us to give birth to our child with no brain. 

Cameron even supports allowing the government to investigate our private medical records. 

That’s just not right.”