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Nearly Half Of Mississippi’s Rural Hospitals at Risk of Closing on Tate Reeves’ Watch

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Nearly Half Of Mississippi’s Rural Hospitals at Risk of Closing on Tate Reeves’ Watch

Report comes after five Mississippi hospitals announced closures and staff cuts since May

A new report today shows that Mississippi hospitals continue to pay the price for Gov. Tate Reeves’ refusal to expand Medicaid, with nearly half of Mississippi’s rural hospitals at risk of closing and two dozen of those at risk of closing immediately.

These new numbers come as at least five Mississippi hospital systems have cut jobs or been forced to close their doors entirely just since May amid Reeves’ inaction. Independent experts have found that by refusing to expand Medicaid to 200,000 working Mississippians eligible for the program, Reeves is “leaving more than $1 billion in new health care related revenue on the table every year” as hospitals across the state struggle to keep the lights on and serve their communities.

As Mississippi’s health care crisis has grown increasingly dire, Reeve’s continued refusal to expand Medicaid, despite “support from the majority of Mississippians,” has earned him criticism from Mississippi’s healthcare professionals with one Mississippi hospital CEO recently saying, “We don’t understand why Tate Reeves doesn’t understand why he needs a healthy workforce.”

“Gov. Reeves’ refusal to lift a finger as Mississippi hospitals are forced to close their doors is irresponsible and disqualifying,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Reeves never has a problem finding ways to use his office to further his personal interests or those of his political cronies, but working Mississippians know that when it comes to their most basic needs — like being able to go to the doctor in their own community — the governor simply can’t be bothered.”