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Nearly All VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Still Won’t Accept Biden As President

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The Washington Post reported yesterday that five of the six the Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidates still refuse to accept Joe Biden as a legitimate president. The GOP candidates have fully embraced Donald Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories about our elections – the same lies that led to the January 6th insurrection.

Frontrunner Amanda Chase has headlined “Stop the Steal” rallies, spread baseless claims of voter fraud, urged Trump to “declare martial law” and even attended the rally on January 6th leading up to the insurrection.

Glenn Youngkin started an “election integrity task force,” which promotes Trump’s dangerous claims about election fraud and mail-in ballots, even though the Department of Homeland Security said this was “the most secure election in American history.” Youngkin has also pushed proposals aimed at limited voter turnout and disenfranchising communities of color, like aggressively purging voter registration records.

Pete Snyder reportedly declined to say who won the election during an interview with the Post. He also appointed failed gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli to lead a “ballot security operation” for his campaign, and said he wants to compile “NFL-style scouting reports” on local election officials.

Sergio De la Peña has also questioned the legality of President Biden’s win, telling the Post “we may never know how much fraud occurred” because of “hasty and illegal changes” of voter laws.

“The Virginia GOP candidates have fully embraced Trumpism over democracy,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Their refusal to accept the outcome of a democratic election could do lasting damage to our democracy and undermine future elections, and their extremist views are out of touch with the values of Virginians.”