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Nearly 70% Of Washingtonians Back Gov. Jay Inslee’s Strong Leadership During COVID-19 Pandemic

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56% Of Republicans Approve of Gov. Inslee’s Response to the Crisis

Gov. Jay Inslee has repeatedly taken decisive action to protect Washington State from the threat of COVID-19. From removing the unemployment insurance waiting period, placing a moratorium on evictions, and providing grants to small businesses, Gov. Inslee has worked tirelessly to blunt the financial pain of this public health emergency. In addition, Washington State’s signature paid sick leave program has served the state well as workers were able to stay at home instead of having to work and contribute to the spread of COVID-19.
In a new KING 5 poll taken between March 27-30, nearly 70% of respondents approved of the job Gov. Inslee has been doing, reflecting his strong and clear communication during this crisis. This support transcended traditional partisan lines with 56% of Republicans supporting Gov. Inslee’s leadership. 
“Governor Inslee has worked tirelessly with experts, the federal government, and the people of Washington to implement evidence-based strategies to mitigate this crisis,” said DGA National Press Secretary, Jerusalem Demsas. “He has worked to protect Washingtonians by providing resources to people and small businesses who are feeling the brunt of COVID-19’s financial impact. Governor Inslee has set an example of strong leadership and clear communication with the public and the entire country is better off for it.”