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NC Residents Hit by McCrory’s New Taxes

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NC Residents Hit by McCrory’s New Taxes

McCrory’s tax hike on basic services goes into effect March 1

Starting today, North Carolinians will pay more for basic consumer services as Gov. Pat McCrory’s new taxes take effect.

McCrory’s budget created new sales taxes that will raise the cost of services such as home maintenance and auto repair, and even increases fees for newborn screenings and vehicle registration. The new taxes were a part of McCrory’s budget that gave tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals and corporations, and shifted the burden onto North Carolina’s middle class families. 

McCrory approved the budget last September after campaigning on promises to oppose any sales tax increase in 2012.  

“Pat McCrory broke his promise to North Carolinians and jacked up taxes on basic services,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Starting today, North Carolina residents will pay new taxes to repair a broken air conditioner or bring their car into the shop. This November, voters won’t forget Pat McCrory’s middle-class tax hike.”

The Associated Press reported this week on the concern North Carolina auto repair shops have with the new sales tax, as it lifts the combined state and local tax rate to “around 7-percent” of the cost of transactions.

Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina Executive Director Robert Pulverenti didn’t parse words when describing worry over the increased costs and complexities McCrory’s new tax will impose on small business: “That’s going to be a mess and crazy for people to understand,” Pulvernti said.