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NC Gov Backs Trump As Other Govs Back Away

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NC Gov Backs Trump As Other Govs Back Away

McCrory Announces He Would Support Donald Trump As Presidential Nominee

  Last night, as Donald Trump surged through Super Tuesday, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory confirmed his intentions to support Trump should he secure the Republican presidential nomination.

“The governor will support the party’s nominee,” McCrory spokesman Ricky Diaz said yesterday. 

McCrory’s announcement comes as other GOP governors are running away from Trump after he further secured his front-runner status, picking up 7 additional primary victories.

Charlie Baker – McCrory’s fellow GOP governor from Massachusetts – announced today that he wouldn’t support Trump, even if he were the Republican’s nominee:

“I said I wasn’t going to vote for Donald Trump yesterday, and I don’t plan to vote for him in November,” Baker said.

And Yesterday, New Mexico Gov. and RGA Chair Susana Martinez refused to answer whether she would support Trump – even after convening an “emergency conference call” on Monday with GOP governors that focused on Trump.

“It’s surprising to see Gov. Pat McCrory say he would support Donald Trump for president while his fellow Republican governors rush for the exits,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Yet again McCrory has failed to show leadership and has given in to the Republican Party’s most dangerous factions. Rather than taking a stand against Trump, McCrory has fallen in line and is comfortable supporting Donald Trump for president.”