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NC-GOV: And Then There Were Four

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NC-GOV: And Then There Were Four

With businessman and former state senator Andy Wells’ entrance into North Carolina’s governor’s race, there are now four candidates vying for the nomination in an increasingly crowded and nasty Republican gubernatorial primary.

Wells, who ran against Lt. Governor Mark Robinson in 2020, is the latest candidate to have taken a swing directly at Robinson, as Republicans “continue to feel uneasy” about their frontrunner’s ever-growing record of extreme rhetoric and antisemitic conspiracy-mongering. However, that’s about as far as the differences go — in a race where “abortion will be one of the biggest issues on the ballot” Wells is in “lockstep agreement” with Robinson on wanting to strip away North Carolina women’s reproductive freedom.

In addition to Robinson, Wells joins state treasurer Dale Folwell and former congressman Mark Walker in the bruising battle for the Republican nomination.

“As the field continues to grow in North Carolina’s crowded and contentious GOP gubernatorial primary, one thing remains the same: they’re all just out-of-touch extremists who would gladly work to strip away fundamental rights from the people of North Carolina,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Andy Wells is no exception, and we look forward to watching him and his opponents continue to attack one another and show voters just how wrong they are for North Carolina.”