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NC Families First, Backed By DGA, Launches First TV Ad on HB2

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NC Families First, Backed By DGA, Launches First TV Ad on HB2

New Ad on McCrory’s Discrimination Law to Air Starting Today in Charlotte

Today, NC Families First, backed by the Democratic Governors Association, is launching the first television ad on the economic fallout from Gov. Pat McCrory’s sweeping anti-LGBT law.

The ad, entitled “Clips,” begins airing today in the Charlotte market as part of a significant 6-figure TV buy. The ad is composed of news coverage from around the country that highlights the economic damage caused by McCrory’s agenda.

“Clips” cites companies condemning McCrory’s discrimination law, including Charlotte-based Bank of America and PayPal canceling plans to bring 400 jobs to the Queen City. “Pat McCrory: He is taking North Carolina backwards,” the ad concludes.

Watch the ad here.

“Pat McCrory’s new discrimination law is putting North Carolina’s economy and jobs at risk,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “This new ad will help inform North Carolinians about the economic damage caused by Pat McCrory’s wrong priorities. Governor McCrory is taking North Carolina backwards, and making it harder to bring new businesses and good jobs to North Carolina.”



:30 TV

News Anchor: “Tonight in North Carolina, they are facing a business boycott, … but North Carolina’s governor is defending his new law”

News Anchor: “Paypal says it’s canceling plans to bring 400 jobs to North Carolina”

News Anchor: “Bank of America, its headquarters is in Charlotte, is now publicly condemning the measure as bad for business, joining 80 other corporations.”

News Anchor: “North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory stands behind the law.”

News Anchor: “It’s already cost the state more than a billion dollars in lost revenue.”

News Anchor: “North Carolina’s governor not fazed.”

ANNOUNCER: Pat McCrory, he’s taking North Carolina backwards.