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NBC: “The RGA will encourage GOP candidates to engage” on abortion issue

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NBC: “The RGA will encourage GOP candidates to engage” on abortion issue

Ahead of the 2023 elections, the Republican Governors Association’s executive director told the National Journal that abortion was a “settled issue” and that “if you ask voters the No. 1 issue that they’re voting on, it’s never abortion.”

The next day, voters in key states across the country continued to reject the GOP’s anti-choice extremism, including in deep red Kentucky where Daniel Cameron’s support for the state’s extreme abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest was a major vulnerability.

Now, a new NBC report details that “the RGA will encourage GOP candidates to engage on this issue” in future races for governor in 2024 in states like North Carolina, New Hampshire and Washington, among others, adding that “it’s one that matters to voters.” 

“Voters have continued to reject extreme GOP plans to ban abortion – even in deep red states like Kentucky,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Republican candidates for governor across the country may try to hide their dangerous anti-choice agenda, the DGA supports the RGA in encouraging their candidates to engage further on this issue.”