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NBC News on McCrory Trump-Ducking: GOP Candidates ‘Wary of their Nominee’

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NBC News on McCrory Trump-Ducking: GOP Candidates ‘Wary of their Nominee’

NC Gov’s No-Show Making National News

National political analysts are catching onto Gov. Pat McCrory’s notable absences from Donald Trump’s campaign events in North Carolina.

After skipping Trump’s event in Raleigh yesterday, NBC News senior political reporter Perry Bacon had this to say about McCrory’s no-show:  

“Richard Burr and Pat McCrory, the senator and the governor of North Carolina, are not with Bob Corker and Donald Trump tonight,” Bacon said last night on MSNBC’s Hardball. “So, that tells you that the Republican down-ballot candidates are a little more wary of their nominee than the Democrats are right now.” 

Watch the clip below:

Despite endorsing Donald Trump for president last month, McCrory is now 0-2 on public appearances with Trump in North Carolina.

 The Atlantic’s Molly Ball added: 

A lot of senior Republicans fear it’s a very severe crisis and they will not be able to support their senate and gubernatorial candidates in a lot of these swing states if the presidential candidate […] is a drag on the ticket.”