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Nation’s Most Unpopular Governor, Mary Fallin, Endorses Kevin Stitt

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Mary Fallin threw the full power of her 17 percent approval rating behind Kevin Stitt and his bid to be Oklahoma’s next governor.
Stitt has been closely tied to Fallin – and today’s endorsement only cements their connection. Stitt had previously called Fallin’s tenure “great”, refused to criticize her, and couldn’t name a single way he’d be different than her. In today’s Enid News & Eagle, Fallin returned the favor, saying she supports Stitt because “he will keep up a lot of the things we’ve done.”
But what has Fallin done? Under her tenure, Oklahoma’s schools have fallen further behind. Massive teacher shortages have forced dramatic rises in class sizes. One-fifth of all school districts can only afford four-day school weeks. This is the hallmark of the Fallin agenda Stitt wholeheartedly supports. Stitt even opposed a plan to raise teacher pay despite Oklahoma teachers ranking 48th in the country in teacher pay.
“Of course Mary Fallin would endorse a staunch supporter like Kevin Stitt,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Stitt is a top cheerleader for the failed Fallin agenda. But that agenda has hurt Oklahomans and undermined their children’s future. Oklahoma deserves much better than Fallin, and it’s clear Kevin Stitt just offers a continuation of her failures.”