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Mutiny in West Virginia: Kanawha County GOP Votes No Confidence in Justice

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Resolution: The “Executive Committee votes to express no confidence in the current Governor of West Virginia, James Justice.”

Former GOP Chairwomen: “While we appreciate Governor Justice’s support of President Donald Trump, it is not enough…”

West Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Justice has a full blown mutiny on his hands.
Last night, the Republican Party in Kanawha County, the most populous county in West Virginia (also the most populous in terms of Republican voters), passed a resolutionexpressing no confidence in their governor.
“While we appreciate Governor Justice’s support of President Donald Trump, it is not enough…” said Carolyn Stricklen, the former county chairwoman who championed the no confidence vote. “Education and transportation are the two biggest issues in the state right now, and Jim Justice has not led as a Republican on either issue.”
A party revolt has been brewing for a while now. Justice is likely facing a primary challenge from his longtime-friend-turned-political-enemy, Woody Thrasher. Thrasher had been serving as Justice’s Secretary of Commerce, until Justice unceremoniously made him the fall guy for the state’s troubled flood relief program. Combine that with a recent report that West Virginia has one of the most sluggish economies in the country, and it’s clear Justice has a real problem on his hands.
“The campaign has barely even started, and Jim Justice’s political foundation is already starting to crumble,” said Communications Director David Turner. “Republicans are losing faith in Justice to lead their party and it’s setting the stage for a very messy primary. The way 2019 is beginning is only going to lead to a rough 2020 re-election fight for Governor Justice.”