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Morning Papers Yield Disastrous Headlines for Bruce Rauner on SB1

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Regional Papers Focus on How Rauner’s Veto Could Imperil School Funding

Governor Bruce Rauner spent weeks building the case that his self-serving veto of SB1, the state’s first new school funding formula in decades, would be beneficial to downstate communities. He shamelessly pitted Chicago against the rest of the state in order to justify his veto, but PolitiFact rated Rauner’s central claim that SB1 was a Chicago bailout as “False.”
But when the dust settled this morning, one thing was clear – Rauner’s gamble to create a new budget crisis in Illinois runs the risk of dramatically backfiring as parents learn that Rauner’s veto could be holding up school funding in the fall. A look at regional paper’s headlines this morning:

Associated Press: “Illinois governor’s veto could jeopardize school funding.”
Chicago Sun-Times: “Rauner’s veto of parts of school bill leaves plenty of questions.”
Reuters: “Illinois governor rejects school funding legislation.”
WBEZ: “Illinois Governor Vetoes Education Funding Plan.”
WBBM: “Rauner Vetoes Education Funding Bill, Removes $250M For CPS”
Our Quad Cities (WHBF/KLJB): “Rauner vetoes education funding plan.”
Peoria Public Radio: “Illinois’ Education Funding Hangs in the Political Balance.”
Bellville News-Democrat: “Will your kid’s school have enough money to get through the year?”