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More Silence From Kelly Ayotte on “Connection” to Jon Stone

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More Silence From Kelly Ayotte on “Connection” to Jon Stone

Over the weekend, the Boston Globe reported “another potential connection” between state Rep. Jon Stone – whose threats of violence and sexual assault against police officers and their families were recently exposed – and former U.S. Senator and candidate for governor Kelly Ayotte.

Not only was Rep. Stone an early endorser of Ayotte’s campaign for governor – which she has refused to renounce – but Ayotte served as Attorney General during the time this scandal unfolded.

As the Globe reports, as AG, “[Ayotte] served on the Police Standards & Training Council,” which works to “shape, sustain and strengthen the competency and professionalism of New Hampshire law enforcement.”

Given her role as AG and on the council, Ayotte knew about the incident even before accepting Stone’s endorsement. As the Globe reports, “[Ayotte’s] spokespeople did not respond to questions about whether authorities took adequate steps in 2006 and 2007 to hold Stone accountable.”

“It’s been weeks since it was revealed that one of Kelly Ayotte’s earliest allies threatened a shooting spree against police officers and sexual violence against their families, and she hasn’t said a word,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Now, it’s clear that she knew about Stone’s violent history before accepting his endorsement. It’s time for Kelly Ayotte to come clean about her ties to Jon Stone and drop his endorsement once and for all.”

Read more about Ayotte’s ties to Stone from the Boston Globe here.