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More Flip Flopping From Ayotte, This Time on Immigration

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More Flip Flopping From Ayotte, This Time on Immigration

Three days later, former Senator Kelly Ayotte’s latest appearance on WMUR’s CloseUP continues to warrant a closer look. In addition to lying about her record of attacking reproductive freedom and her ongoing Trump troubles, Ayotte refuses to explain her obvious flip-flop on immigration. Three times, Adam Sexton pushed Ayotte to answer for her previous support for a bipartisan immigration bill that provided a pathway to citizenship, and all three times she failed to do so.


Ayotte’s reversal comes as her primary opponent Chuck Morse has gone on offense against her immigration record in recent weeks. Morse’s campaign recently launched a website and social media account on Ayotte’s record,, that claims she voted for “the largest amnesty legislation of its time,” and accuses her of “talk[ing] like a conservative but vot[ing] like a liberal.” Despite her very public record on this, Ayotte has falsely claimed to “have not” supported amnesty.

Morse’s increase in attacks against Ayotte prompted the NHGOP to beg their candidates to stop fighting.

Ayotte notably opposed the recent bipartisan border security and immigration deal that would have increased funds for more border security agents and law enforcement officials, while working to prevent fentanyl from being smuggled into the country. Recently, Ayotte was fact-checked by several members of the media after she took to Twitter to spread false information on a facility used to house immigrants in Massachusetts, including NBC10 Boston, Politico’s Massachusetts Playbook, and the Granite Post.

“No matter how much election-year flip-flopping she thinks she can get away with, Kelly Ayotte’s very public track record will always come back to haunt her,”said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Ayotte would rather play politics than solve problems. The only thing more obvious than Ayotte’s latest stunt on immigration is that this primary continues to be an ugly and divisive race to the bottom that is only showing Granite Staters the worst that these candidates have to offer.”