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More Bear-y Bad News For Daniel Cameron’s Campaign

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More Bear-y Bad News For Daniel Cameron’s Campaign

A new report from AP is detailing how Mitch McConnell crony Daniel Cameron’s “pursuit of Kentucky’s top political office has turned bumpy.”

As Cameron continues to be forced to fight with his (teddy) bear hands to secure the GOP nomination, AP also notes that he is “embroiled in a tough primary fight,” while reporting: “The GOP campaign has turned combative. Cameron has taken hits from a flurry of ads from Craft’s campaign and a group supporting her candidacy.”

This is just the latest bad news for Cameron. He recently backed out of the Kentucky primary debate then got caught lying about why. He’s taken so many negative hits from Kelly Craft and the groups supporting her calling him a teddy bear that Cameron’s allies were forced to go negative in TV ads to fire back. To top it off, Cameron fundraising has been atrocious.

Similarly, the Lexington Herald Leader Editorial Board is condemning the nasty infighting in the GOP primary, which “has been a tit-for-tat battle of expensive negative advertising.” They note that Cameron “seems to have little depth to his positions” and Kelly Craft “is trying to prove that statewide elections can indeed be bought by the highest bidder.”

They also added that Quarles extreme stance on banning abortion with no exceptions is “short-sighted because that kind of draconian hold on healthcare was already denied by a majority of Kentuckians who defeated a proposed Constitutional amendment on abortion last year.”

“As Daniel Cameron continues to be faced with more bad news and attacks from Kelly Craft and her allies it’s clear this GOP primary is divisive, chaotic and only going to get worse,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Cameron and the other extreme candidates spend their time racing to the extremes and fighting each other, Gov. Andy Beshear is putting politics aside to do right by Kentucky families and delivering real results that directly impact their lives.”