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Moody Bombs Maine Debate, Gets Called Out for Weak Answers

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With his pitiful performance at last night’s Maine gubernatorial debate, GOP nominee Shawn Moody made clear not only how unprepared he is to be governor but also how wildly out of step he is with everyday Mainers.
But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Maine reporters had to say about Moody’s debate performance:
The Bangor Daily News reported that, “Moody’s responses, which were sometimes vague and meandering, contrasted with those from Democrat Janet Mills, who portrayed herself as an experienced leader who would provide an antidote to eight years of Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s disruptive management style.”
In one memorable exchange, Moody “laughed and gave a hedging response” about his own record of denying climate change.
The audience also made clear they wouldn’t stand for his attempts to dodge important questions with folksy colloquialisms.”
The Portland Press Herald reported, “Moody also took heat for not fully answering questions, at one point being heckled from the audience for not answering a question precisely on what state resources he would deploy to help lower student debt in Maine.”
While Moody is trying desperately to erase his record, the crowd must have remembered just a year ago when Moody voted to increase tuition at the University of Maine.
Watch Moody get heckled for dodging a question on lowering student debt HERE