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Montanans Slam “No Show” Greg Gianforte’s Dismal Work Ethic In Searing Op-Eds

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Less than a week after becoming the official Montana GOP gubernatorial nominee, Greg Gianforte’s record as Montana’s sole Congressman is coming under scrutiny. Gianforte missed more votes than 93% of his peers in Congress, including key votes and hearings on CDC funding, even as a COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. was imminent. Leaders from across the state are making the case against “No Show” Greg in searing op-eds:

  • “Greg Gianforte is so out of touch with Montana values, he thinks he can collect taxpayer-funded checks, fail to show up, and ask Montanans for a promotion. But for most Montanans, skipping work gets you fired, not promoted.” –  Dr. Cora Neumann, public health expert and member of the COVID Local taskforce
  • “Home health care workers and other Caregivers don’t have the luxury of blowing off work whenever they feel like it, and neither should our elected leaders. ‘No Show’ Greg Gianforte couldn’t be bothered to show up for Montanans when it counted – this November, Montanans will return the favor.”Jacquie Helt, SEIU 775 State Director
  • “Montanans trust our elected representatives to look out for the public interest, not their own. If Greg Gianforte can’t even be bothered to show up for work, how can Montanans trust him to keep heavy metal out of our water, or stand up for ordinary folks on the Land Board?” – David Ewer, former State Representative and Montana Budget Director

“New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte’s unwillingness to show up for his constituents and apathy towards hard work will get him fired – not promoted,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “As one of the most absent members of Congress, Gianforte put Montanans’ health and economic stability at risk when he missed key votes to fund the CDC. Real Montanans work hard and show up for one another – Greg Gianforte doesn’t share their values.”