Missouri Ranked One of the Worst Places For Working Families During Pandemic Thanks To Gov. Mike Parson’s Atrocious Policies

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Under the feckless leadership of Gov. Mike Parson, Missouri has been ranked by Oxfam as the second-worst state in America for working families during the pandemic. The rankings were based on the state’s worker protections, health care, and unemployment.

Missouri scored very poorly in all three policy areas, with Oxfam noting Missouri does not have mandated paid sick or family leave, expanded worker’s compensation for COVID-19, a moratorium on evictions and utilities shut offs, or expanded unemployment beyond what the federal government is already providing. In other words, Parson has left working families out to dry.

Oxfam also cited Parson’s refusal to expand Medicaid as another policy that led to the dismal ranking. While voters recently overruled Parson and voted in favor of Medicaid expansion, Parson could still drag his feet on implementation, leaving many Missourians without access to affordable health care during the pandemic.

“Gov. Mike Parson’s policies have left working families in the lurch,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Parson’s refusal to expand access to affordable health care, mandate paid family and sick leave, and offer more unemployment assistance to Missourians shows he doesn’t prioritize workers or their well-being. It’s time for a new way in Missouri.”